Meet Unprll

Digital privacy-oriented currency for the commons

Built on a strong foundation

Unprll is built on the time-tested foundation of Monero, an implementation of the Cryptonote protocol.


All transactions occur in a decentralized manner, with no trust assumed in any part of the network. You are your own bank, you have the rights to decide how your money is used.


Your money is your own business, so why make it public? Unprll ensures the privacy of all users by employing Ring signatures (hides senders), RingCT (hides amounts) and one-time addresses (hides receivers).


Unprll's blockchain is resistant to analysis. Transactions cannot be traced to specific users or addresses, enhancing security.


Unprll is fungible: any given coin is indistinguishable from another. Transactions cannot be linked, hence no one can reject your coins on the basis of being part of a different transaction.

Added privacy features

Enhancing those of Cryptonote and Monero.

Dandelion Propagation

Unprll implements the Dandelion Protocol to ensure transactions cannot be linked to a specific IP address, enhancing privacy.

Encrypted Payment IDs for all transactions

All transactions have encrypted payment IDs to avoid leaking real inputs in situations where payment IDs are used (Example: exchanges)

Accessible mining to all

With a new Proof-of-Work (PoW) system improving upon Cryptonote, mining is truly egalitarian. Users can mine Unprll without fear of losing effectivity.

CPU friendly

Unprll's PoW is sequential by design, which makes multithreading impossible. This offers CPUs an advantage over GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs.


Unprll's PoW cannot be parallelized, hence single threaded performance is all that matters. Single threaded performance can be pushed up only to a certain extent, hence allowing for fair mining.

Resistant to botnets

Unprll's PoW is designed such that all miners mining to one address obtain the same task, nullifying any effect of having multiple systems. This includes botnets, whose mining power is now limited to the fastest machine.


Coming soon!